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What is Gold Vermeil?

Pronnunced ver-may, Gold Vermeil can be labelled in many ways such as 14k vermeil, 18k vermeil etc. But for jewellery pieces to be able to be legally labelled as vermeil, they must meet specific requirements in certain parts of the world. These requirements are that the product must have sterling silver used as the base metal.

Sterling silver is an alloy that is composed by weight of 92.5% pure silver (hence the 925 stamp that is placed on silver jewellery) and 7.5% other alloys such as copper. It also must be plated in a gold layer that is at least 10 karats, this means the gold is at least 41.7% gold content.

The Gold plating we use is a Hard Gold that produces high quality coatings of 99.0% purity. This creates a hard mirror bright gold deposit of approximately 20.22k. It also must be plated to a minimum thickness of 2.5 microns which is 1/1000th of a millimetre. This combination of precious metals allows for long lasting wear for a fraction of the price of pure gold.

How do I care for my Gold Vermeil?

Naturally hypoallergenic & free from nickel and other harsh materials, our pieces are perfect for all skin types, including sensitivities. So it is important to take care of your gold vermeil jewellery to extend the life span as it differs slightly from caring for sterling silver jewellery. So how do you protect and care for your vermeil jewellery? These following tips will point you in the right direction:

  • Gold vermeil is water friendly, however, we suggest avoiding excessive wear in the shower. If you are able to, remove jewellery before showering or bathing as this will alleviate the issue of water quality or bathing products having an effect on your jewellery.
  • In the cases where you are swimming in salt water or chlorinated water, we recommend always taking your jewellery off to avoid chemicals and salt interacting with the metal.
  • Outdoor activities are great for the soul, however, when it comes to activities that involve heavy sweating we recommend taking your pieces off. The reasoning behind this as well as salt water is that salt causes the metal layer of the jewellery to erode, which severely reduces the life of your jewellery items.
  • Lotions, moisturises, perfumes and cosmetics can contain chemicals that can react with the metal contained in your vermeil pieces, for this reason we recommend taking your jewellery off your when applying these products. On the flip side, we recommend waiting until these items have dried before putting on your jewellery.
  • Whilst friction while wearing your items is a good thing as it can prevent build up, too harsh contact such as lifting weights, gardening, cleaning etc. can damage your jewellery. It’s best to remove them to avoid the potential of scratching, misforming or damaging the vermeil layer.
  • Household cleaning and cleaning in general with chemicals can damage and tarnish your gold vermeil, it’s best to remove any jewellery before partaking in any of these activities.
  • When you take your jewellery off, it’s best to store your items so that they won’t come into contact with other hard surfaces such as other jewellery. Storage in a soft bag and an air tight container will give your items longevity.

If you find that your jewellery is tarnished, so much so that it cannot be cleaned at home, we are able to discuss the potential for re-plating. This enables you to rejuvenate your favourite pieces. Simply email us at

How do I clean my Gold Vermeil Jewellery?

For general routine cleaning, it’s recommended that you gently rub your items with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth (one much like your sunglasses cloth). Please ensure that your cloth is completely clean and be sure not to jag fibres on prongs or settings. Do not use a more rigid polishing cloth or one that contains polishing agents as this can thin out or impact the the gold plating.

If your Gold Vermeil jewellery is beyond a routine polish you may be required to give it a more robust clean. For a deep clean, we recommend a simple combination of dishwashing liquid and warm water. Please do not use hot water. Please refrain from completely submerging your items, instead, use a microfiber or sunglass cloth and dip it into the soapy water and proceed to gently clean items. After this, rinse items off by using another cloth that has been wet with water only and then proceed to pat your jewellery dry.

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