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RING Size:

Ring sizing can be a little tricky as there are many formats used to define a ring size. Typically Australia and the UK use a letter format and the US and EU use different number systems. However if you don’t know your ring size it is not a tricky as you may think!

If you are able to visit a jewellery shop, most are happy to fit and measure you for your particular ring size. If you actually have your ring size from a previous ring that you own and just need a conversion there are many conversion charts on the internet that will help you instantly with determining the equivalent size to correspond with our site.

If your ring size is unknown, that’s ok! There are a few options that can help you. Firstly you can purchase a ring sizer, either through our website or from your own sourcing and utilise this handy tool to give you an accurate measurement of your ring size.

If you already have a ring that fits but is not labelled with the size mark on the band, you are able to place the ring on a piece of paper and trace the inner perimeter of the ring. This will allow you to measure the inside diameter of the ring which you can then use to convert buy searching for a conversion chart on the internet. This will correlate to a letter or number size.

Alternatively another home method is to use a strip of paper, string or floss to wrap around your desired finger and then mark with a pen (on both sides of the paper or string) where the two make a complete circle. If you then lay it flat and measure the straight line of the two marks, this will give you the inside circumference of the ring which you can then use to input it into a search to find the equivalent conversion to your desired size.

I have given a starting point below of the most common measurements along with their conversions.


AU & UK Size US Size Inside Diameter (mm) Inside Circumference (mm)
J 5 15.6 49
K 5.5 16 50.3
L 6 16.4 51.5
M 6.5 16.8 52.8
N 7 17.2 54
O 7.5 17.6 55.3
P 8 18 56.6
Q 8.5 18.4 57.8
R 9 18.8 59.1
S 9.5 19.2 60.3
T 10 19.6 61.6
U 10.5 20 62.8
V 11 20.4 64.1
W 11.5 20.8 65.3
X 12 21.2 66.6
Y 12.5 21.6 67.9
Z 13 22 69.1
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